After an emotionally charged few weeks, it must have all hit me like a brick last night. I was lost, did not know what to do with my self, it was all over. I was home and I was planning my next stage getting to Cebu to get garmedia well and truly off the ground.

My brain just would not let me concentrate, I could not relax. I drank, I smoked, all of which got me know where at all at except staring into space for most of the night.

Finally managing I get to sleep around 2am with plans of waking early to that beautifull gold coast morning, the sound of the waves crashing on the beach and I was to start getting my life arranged for what lies ahead.

I guess with not having a phone surgically attached to me like I have for the past 3 years I lost all sence of time, and was woken at a nice early time of 1.30pm!!! SHIT leaving for Cebu in lessthan 12 hours and I have not even packed, or sorted out my house. Shit shit shit….

Headless chickens I believe have more grace…. Anyway, I am here now, at the train station waiting to be picked up and chauffeured to the airport. For the start of what is to be has to be my new life.

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box man

he just makes me smile.


its over

alot of work, alot of hours, alot of passion. and now its over. nervous to say the least. fly out tomorrow for the philippines to secure the office and start garmedia. Few days in cebu then its off on a holiday! a freckin holiday. I say timing, could not be better! looks like just like my last holiday 3 years ago, situations are going to dictate my arse be glued to a computer. but hey, ill grumple, ill bitch, but ill do it, and ill do it well.

anyway, at least the weather is good, why not have a apocolyptic storm come hit land tongiht…. why the hell not!


Ed Sheeran – somehow seems poignant today…..


winding down

well what a morning for it. weather is shite, stuck on the bloody motorway just at a crawling pace. Walking in through the office I get a overwhelming sence of relief. Although its a sad day, we are all finally pleased to be moving on. I have meet some great people in my time here. For those few in close to support with me in the last few months you guys are the real business. The ones that are here not just to work, but to generally help. Its been tough and I would not have been able to get through the last few weeks if it was not for the wonderfull people I have around me.

Am nervous after…. but its time to move on, new things to aim for, new things to dream for.

Don’t design for everyone. It’s impossible. All you end up doing is designing something that makes everyone unhappy.

— Leisa Reichelt


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more garmedia fluff


love design

huge day tomorrow, the last few years have worked my arse off. it really has been one hell of a road, I dont remember ever being agead of the traffic. Its be challenging, rewarding, frustrating, stressfull, satisfying, and eventfull to say the least. Sitting here now, on the cusp of some huge changes I can honestly tell you I am shitting myself.

tomorrow is the end of a era, then end of alot of hard work, by alot of good people. really really good people.

Everything is designed. Few things are designed well.

— Brian Reed

coming home

not long now and i get to go home and see Caleb. Catching up with my boy, and my family this time around is going to be something special. hard slog the last few months, looking forward to being home mum x


i get a facelift

well the site does, no such luck for me. But thats what photoshop is for eh. Seriously though, seeing as is being launched, and am now the director of media company, thought my own site better get some love. Hope I contribute something at least a little interesting here for you to peruse. Am going to give it a damn good go anyway.