garMix 7

garMix is a collection of music i have compiled into a continuous playlist to enjoy while working out, driving, or just relaxing. It captures tunes over a period of time which I enjoy. Feel free to download a copy for your self or check out previous Garmix versions here


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Resolution Update

So far been off the fags now for 3 months. Third time quitting, last time I managed for 3 years to stay off them.

Joined Jetts Fitness which has locations across NZ and Australia which is perfect for me and my coming year. Have been hitting it hard now since January and sticking to a strict diet of High Fats and Protein and Zero Carb following the Cereal Killers documentary I watched in the new year. Find our more here

Starting Weight 139 Kgs.
Current Weight: 119 Kgs

Weight loss so far 20Kgs

Goal #1 Smashed Next is 25Kgs lost.