Gareth Raymond Russell
14 Copperfield Terrace
Auckland, NZ

Email: gar2@garethrussell.com
Mobile: 022 057 2496
Skype: gar.russell

Key Strengths

I am a very friendly and approachable person who is at ease both working in a team and independently. Starting out in the Audio Engineering field I was always inspired with the challenge of marketing and advertising. Through freelance work in print and web graphic design I sought experience in the printing field to gain hands on experience working within the production aspects of media.

Through this experience I learned an ornate ability to work exceeding well within a team environment, with the empathy with both client (and often artist) and also with real world deadlines to get the most out of both the team and the production environment.

Throughout my career history I have taken on roles that both challenge and expand my existing skill base. Teamwork and team management have always been a core focus of all my promotion opportunities. Having experience working as a freelance designer throughout my full time career I have always manage to achieve unique perspective from both staff and management to be able to facility an and encourage a production working environment.

I love design, but I am also a logical and practical individual. With experience also in PC hardware, engineering and network administration I believe gives me a distinct advantage in real world and real time problem solving in the high tech business and office environment.

Through hard work and dedication to any role I have worked my way through and built opportunities to upper management positions, culminating in a wealth of experience through a diverse set of roles.

Employment History

Garmedia PTY LTD                                       Feb 2012 – Present                        Owner Operator
Information Technology, Media & Telecommunications
Created an opportunity for a Trans global team of over 45 with a production house in the Philippines.
Owner Operator of a Philippines & Australian based multi-media design & production agency specializing in solar targeted marketing. Responsible for all facets of operation including, recruitment, budgeting, sales targets, production targets quality control and new business development.

Beyond Building Systems PTY LTD   Mar 2009 – Jan 2012                      General Manager
Electricity, Gas, Water & Waste Services
Sales targets of more than $250,000 a month achieved in a rapidly shrinking market.
Promoted to General Manager of Beyond Building Systems Australia, role including Sales projections, stock control, team management and hitting sales targets as well as oversee all operations across all departments including my own baby the marketing department.

Beyond Building Systems PTY LTD   Mar 2009 – May 2011                    Marketing Manager
Electricity, Gas, Water & Waste Services
Worked with local and national governments to develop cheap renewable energy in third world countries.
Starting with a small team of 3, the marketing department quickly exploded to over 35 staff in 2 countries. Responsible for the global marketing of the company, developing and implementing new sales strategies, global and local trade show and sales opportunities for both a domestic and wholesale trade markets. Responsible for developing new opportunities in UK, Philippines, Italy, Germany, China, Japan, Africa, Sri Lanka as well as new opportunities in the US and South America.

Freelance                                                          Jan 2004 – Jan 2009                       Graphic Design and Media
Information Technology, Media & Telecommunications
Built a client base large enough to move into part and then full time self-employment.
Working independently as a freelancer. Majority of work was add based print media, as well as web based advertising. Also TV and Radio advertising. Through my referral based client base I soon had enough work to move into full time freelance work. This work lead me to new opportunities in the solar industry.

Woodland Print                                            Feb 2006 – May 2008                    Graphic Design Artist
Information Technology, Media & Telecommunications
Streamlined proof to production process with a 100% renewable and nontoxic “green” printing system.
Working with production, sales managers and clients developing designs for a variety of print projects. Responsible in ensuring there are no mistakes in either production deadlines or reprints and developing seasonal and situational business opportunities. Developed and implemented a new 100% renewable and recycled printing solution the first in Ireland.

Welsh Colour and Print                            May 2004 – Feb 2006                    Pre-press Production Artist
Information Technology, Media & Telecommunications
Managed a team of Pre-Press operators and added in implementing a new digital plate press.
Working with a large nationwide printing company I was in charge of pre-press production ensuring all final checks on print files. Ensuring print layouts maximize efficiencies as well as client file integrations through process have not been adjusted.

Skills and Programs

  • Over 10 years’ experience and extensive knowledge in Adobe suite of products including Photoshop, Illustrator, In-design, Dreamweaver, Acrobat, Premiere and Sound booth.
  • Over 5 years’ experience working with online web application and CMS programs such as WordPress, Joomla, Expression Engine as well as developing customized CMS and invoicing solutions.
  • Advanced understanding on other Adobe products such as After Effects and Flash.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in Microsoft operating systems, networks and applications.
  • Working understanding of coding languages such as PHP, My SQL.


SAE School of Audio Engineering                             Aoraki Polytechnic
Audio & Multi Media Engineering                           Diploma in PC Engineering


Vince Smith                                                                     Carol Green
Beyond Building Group                                               Personal Reference as well as Colleague
Gold Coast, Australia                                                    Gold Coast Australia
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