And the holiday ends….. reality hits

That was that. Seen Caleb… AMAZING!!!! i can not believe what an amazing little kid, actually… little man I have there. Perhaps im biased but not many would disagree after meeting him. Anyway spent some good ol quality time with the little man, and it was truely awesome. Just chillinh out on the couch was our favourite pass time. Its the simple things ya know that mean the most.

Then Jess arrived to help me through that last day and saying goodbye. Man was I pleased she made it. Needed someone with me. We decided to head away very next day after seeing Caleb off, the 6 hour drive through some of the Worlds best scenery was a welcome distraction. Off the the coast to meet Jess’s fmaily in Napier. Was a nce trip, away from it all, rarely had internet which was a blessing as  much as a curse. I really needed that time away, those few days unconnected to be able to get re-connected again.

4 days in Nap[ier flew by, had to buy my first jacket I have purchased since leaving the northern hemisphere…. fecking cold man. But as fast as we arrived it was time to say goodbye again. Goodbyes suck! It was hard for Jess to say good bye after being away so long, and I thank her for letting us come back a little early so I can do the same with mine. Back to Auckland and spend the last 3 days with Mum and family before we head back to Australia and then onwards.

Loved every moment with Jess and my family. I know I did not get to see people, and even spend as much time with family as I would have liked, but what time I did have was spent well. highlight was without a doubt dinner @ “the Beach house” in Buckland beach…. FANTASTIC!!! great scenery, great enviroment, great staff FECKING awesome food.

But then it was time to say goodbye AGAIN. This time to my mum. Again goodbyes suck!!!

it was a great trip, I recharged my batteries, but now its time again, Head down, Bum up! money to be made, have places I want to see… and none of them except “Love” for payment. So help me out, get to and check out all the amazing services we can offer your business.


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