2014 Results

2014 New Years Resolution

Lose Weight (Goal 110Kgs)
Quit Smoking (Again)

Have not smoked os “check”
Final weigh in: 91.8Kgs (smashed it!)

2015 is gainz year

Me at 108Kgs

Resolution Update – 6 Months

Still not smoking. By my calcs I have saved $2500 wow!

Still at the Gym, Although I have cut my routine down a little bit now going to the Gym twice a day on Monday through to Thursday. With a single visit on Friday and Saturday, and Sunday as an optional day to recover.

Starting Weight: 139Kgs
Current Weight: 109Kgs

Weight Loss so far: 30Kgs

Goal #3 Smashed and Ultimate Goal smashed, been trying to crack 110Kgs since before I got married in 2007.
Think I will extend this out a little bit and get rid of whats left of my beer belly.

NEW TARGET 100Kgs or below.

Resolution Update

So far been off the fags now for 3 months. Third time quitting, last time I managed for 3 years to stay off them.

Joined Jetts Fitness which has locations across NZ and Australia which is perfect for me and my coming year. Have been hitting it hard now since January and sticking to a strict diet of High Fats and Protein and Zero Carb following the Cereal Killers documentary I watched in the new year. Find our more here

Starting Weight 139 Kgs.
Current Weight: 119 Kgs

Weight loss so far 20Kgs

Goal #1 Smashed Next is 25Kgs lost.


Time for Change

Ok after one of the roughest years on my history books, 2013 really kicked me in the arse with some help from those love ones I trusted most. Thank god for family and friends.

Finding myself in a rut, and decided to make 2014 my year.

Tipping the scales at 139 Kgs at xmas, and smoking 20+ a day am gunna start here.

2014 Resolutions

1) Quit Smoking.

2) Lose weight get down to 110 Kgs.

So as of 1 January The ciggies get binned (Cold Turkey) and with the help of Family am gunna hit the Gym, HARD.
Wish me luck!




Russells @ the Auckland Botanical Gardens. What a great day with the whole family. Missed those days. xxx was great spending a nice day back home with family.


Finally get to see Caleb after 3 years!!!

Its been a long time since we were last together. Love you buddy! xx

Stage 1 Complete

What a whirlwind visit that one was to Cebu. Please we are now well underwy with garmedia transition. Staff all seem to be excited about our new direction. Still so much to do, feel like I have achieved nothing and now I am about to leave and go on holiday… :( timing is not good!

However as much as a fell I have done nothing this is just me betting myself up for not achieveing my own un-relistic expecations of myself! in reality things are moving along very well all things considered. And Hey, This holiday is all about getting to see Caleb. 10 years ago that boy came into my life and change it course for ever. I am so pround of my son Caleb, love you buddy cant wait to see you soon, I am on my way to you now.


winding down

well what a morning for it. weather is shite, stuck on the bloody motorway just at a crawling pace. Walking in through the office I get a overwhelming sence of relief. Although its a sad day, we are all finally pleased to be moving on. I have meet some great people in my time here. For those few in close to support with me in the last few months you guys are the real business. The ones that are here not just to work, but to generally help. Its been tough and I would not have been able to get through the last few weeks if it was not for the wonderfull people I have around me.

Am nervous after…. but its time to move on, new things to aim for, new things to dream for.

huge day tomorrow, the last few years have worked my arse off. it really has been one hell of a road, I dont remember ever being agead of the traffic. Its be challenging, rewarding, frustrating, stressfull, satisfying, and eventfull to say the least. Sitting here now, on the cusp of some huge changes I can honestly tell you I am shitting myself.

tomorrow is the end of a era, then end of alot of hard work, by alot of good people. really really good people.


i get a facelift

well the site does, no such luck for me. But thats what photoshop is for eh. Seriously though, seeing as is being launched, and am now the director of media company, thought my own site better get some love. Hope I contribute something at least a little interesting here for you to peruse. Am going to give it a damn good go anyway.