Every designers’ dirty little secret is that they copy other designers’ work. They see work they like, and they imitate it. Rather cheekily, they call this inspiration.

— Aaron Russell

WTF is with people expecting me to send them mock ups of designs for projects. BEFORE they even decide to hire me, and what is with the rest of the bloody industry that other so called designers and artists do not hold enough value in there own ideas and intelectual property to just give it away to people for free. For what for the hope they may get choosen, do these people NOT realise that all they are doing is giving away the part of there skill set that gives them the greatest value.

There are a million designers out there that can re-create your ideas, there is only one of me that can come up with them to begin with.

I like to think my ideas are worth something not just the implemtation of those ideas to print or piblish. I am sorry, I flat out refuse and STRONGLY encourage all other artists, designers and freelancers to not send out mock’s of our ideas/IP for any prospective clients (EVEN WITH WATERMARKS). Cheeky cheeky cheeky bastards…. 9 times out of ten the client will take your idea to an indian to re-create your “watermarked” design for .50cent an hour! whats more disapointing is the artists that actually do give it away for free. Wake up designers, have value in your own work!


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