lowering your overheads by outsourcing

I have been in the marketing field for many years now. Everything from Audio and Visual Production to Print and Web. Have built my life around it, and have helped build many business around it as well. Have gone through the GFC, seen the impact on consumer spending and how important good design and topical campaigns are. What amazes me is how little people are willing to put into there marketing budgets. There is no excuse for letting bad design get published for your business marketing needs. There are a lot of pit falls, you can get it ohhh so very right… but you can also get it ohhhhhhh sooooo very wrong. Getting proffesional and current advise on your marketing campaign, web presence, or upcoming strategy is paramount for any business no matter how large or small. Large companies can afford to spend thousands and have multiple departments set up just to be able to deliver quality professional marketing designs and campaigns.

garmedia now has the answer! Myself and three very good friends have personally trained over the past 12 months a full design workshop under one roof. Our Directors are from Australia, New Zealand and the UK and have over 50 years combines experince in all forms of marketing. Wants more all our busy workers are set up in our Cebu, Philippines office so we are able to deliver quality, professional and topical marketing campaigns, PR, and applications all at outsourcing prices.

So you can enjoy the same benefits as the large corporations with offshore marketing department overheads scaled for your individual needs. check out garmedia now and get a no obligation consultation for your business needs.


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