Mee Meep – get it delivered

meemeepMeeMeep helps find you the cheapest and most flexible transport option to get your things moved! MeeMeep does this by connecting people who need things moved with people on the move.

Originating from the idea that we are all somehow connected in this vast world of ours, MeeMeep taps into the movement of trucks, cars, vans and bikes already in motion and connects them to your delivery job.

Just tell us what you need moved and when you need it done by – free and with no obligation. You can save up to 60% by comparing quotes from a range of movers, who compete to win your job. Review a mover’s past performance, verifications and special services before selecting who you use to transport your items.

You can then pay securely with MeeMeep’s escrow payment system, where we hold the funds until the delivery is complete.


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