After an emotionally charged few weeks, it must have all hit me like a brick last night. I was lost, did not know what to do with my self, it was all over. I was home and I was planning my next stage getting to Cebu to get garmedia well and truly off the ground.

My brain just would not let me concentrate, I could not relax. I drank, I smoked, all of which got me know where at all at except staring into space for most of the night.

Finally managing I get to sleep around 2am with plans of waking early to that beautifull gold coast morning, the sound of the waves crashing on the beach and I was to start getting my life arranged for what lies ahead.

I guess with not having a phone surgically attached to me like I have for the past 3 years I lost all sence of time, and was woken at a nice early time of 1.30pm!!! SHIT leaving for Cebu in lessthan 12 hours and I have not even packed, or sorted out my house. Shit shit shit….

Headless chickens I believe have more grace…. Anyway, I am here now, at the train station waiting to be picked up and chauffeured to the airport. For the start of what is to be has to be my new life.

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