Resolution Update 5 months in

Still not smoking.

Starting Weight: 139Kgs
Current Weight: 114Kgs

Weight Loss so far: 25Kgs

Goal #2 Smashed! next 30Kgs lost.

Have been asked what is my training Structure read more t view my routine.


Mondy to Friday twice a day.
Morning Workout: 1 hour 30 mins – 1hour 45 mins
30 Minutes Excercise Bike.
60 minutes Weight Training (Circuit training – routine changes daily)

Evening Workout: 1 hour – 1hour 15minutes
20 Minutes Exercise Bike
45 minutes weight training (Free Weight Training – routine changes daily)

Saturday and Sunday

30 Minutes Exercise bike
90 Minutes Weight Training Both Circuit and Free weights.


Protein Shake for breakfast (BSC HydroxyBurn Pro Clinical 2.0 – Chocolate) I use FULL cream milk, for extra fats and protein.
Protein Shake or Protein Bar for Lunch. BSC HydroxyBurn Pro Bar or Balls
Sometimes will have a cooked lunch, High fat, high protein low or zero carb. Bacon and Eggs, Eggs Sausages Cheese etc. Around 400 – 500 cal
Dinner I will have a cooked meal, either half a cooked chicken or similar to above. High fats, High Protein, Low Carb. Aiming for around 600 – 800 cal.
Evening snack – Protein bar Enjoy Atkins Decadence bar in the evenings or other snack options from list below.
Evening Protein Shake (after second gym visit Monday – Friday)
Snack Options: Atkins Decedence Bar, BSC HydroxyBun Pro Bar (Chocolate) or the Bites sized blls (Cookies and Cream), Cashew Nuts 50g – 100g, Beer Sticks (No Sugar Addd) Jerkey (No Sugar added), Icecream (No Sugar Added)

Key really is stay the hell away from Sugars, and Grains.


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